C罗-建议J罗留在皇马 他是顶级巨星该获得机会(c罗9号集锦)

Cristiano Ronaldo: It is recommended that J Luo stay in Real Madrid.
Time: 2017-06-03 12:15 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

After the Champions League final of Real Madrid and Juventus, J Luo seems to have left the Galaxy battleship who has been fighting for three years. He is unsatisfactory this season, and he may switch to the Serie A giants Inter Milan. But Real Madrid leader Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his retention to the little brother in an interview.

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Cristiano Ronaldo praised J Luo Dajia,\” From my perspective, Ronaldo should stay in Real Madrid because he is a top star and can contribute to the team\’s contribution to the team无数力量。C罗 作为J罗这样还处在黄金年龄的球员,C罗 想上场比赛是非常正常的,他的想法我们应当尊重,但我一直认为他有为皇马首发的实力。”

J Luo lacks a chance to play, which is the direct reason for him to seek leaving the team. Cristiano Ronaldo can only regret it: \”If J Luo asked me to ask me, I would suggest that he would continue to fight Real Madrid. But he must have his own想法,如果他想踢上更多比赛,这也是没办法的。”

据西班牙媒体报道,国际米兰目前正在领跑J罗争夺战,他们已经向皇马提出了4200万欧元的首Character quotation. At the same time, Manchester United also regarded J Luo as a potential recruitment candidate. In the case of Ruoney that may leave the team, the Red Devils need to introduce a new 10 player.

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